Useful information for landowners

We are committed to maintaining successful working relationships with all landowners and occupiers who may be affected by our project.


The VIP Snowdonia Scheme will involve building a tunnel, replacing one pylon, and removing 10 other pylons across a 3km route.

Our appointed land agents, Bruton Knowles, have been contacting landowners, tenants and other persons with an interest in land and whose land might be affected by the project. It is important to us that we are able to communicate the progress of the project with interested parties and arrange access for surveys, where required.

We have undertaken a variety of environmental and engineering surveys to inform the development of the project, and may require further surveys as the project develops.

Please be assured that National Grid and its contractors will not enter any land until the appropriate consent has been secured. Before we can install and maintain any equipment on private land, we need to agree appropriate rights with the owner(s) / occupier(s) and attempt to reach an agreement by negotiation.

We need a number of land rights across the project area to ensure the project can progress successfully and we always seek to obtain such rights on reasonable terms, where possible, from the relevant landowners and occupiers.

We made a compulsory purchase order (the Order) on 15 June 2020 and please see this page for more information.

If you own or occupy land which you feel may be affected by our proposals and would like to talk to our land agents, Bruton Knowles, please telephone them on 01452 880000 about ‘VIP Snowdonia’.