Summer 2016 Update

overhead line scoping

In September 2016, the VIP project’s Stakeholder Advisory Group will review the results of the environmental and engineering surveys, the stakeholder feedback and National Grid’s preferred options.

The Group will recommend whether the project should be progressed by reviewing this information and the progress of the project using the guiding principles of the VIP policy.

We are now considering the feasibility of the project and potential routes for underground cables.

This work involves carrying out environmental and engineering surveys, and looking in more detail at environmentally and archaeologically sensitive areas and potential technical challenges. This allows us to assess the effects of our plans on the environment to make sure they are carefully managed.

We are also talking to individual landowners and occupiers with land interests affected by our draft route alignment. This is to provide them with information about the sort of surveys we need to do and also make arrangements for accessing their land so we can carry them out.

These conversations are very important as we start to pinpoint the exact route the underground cable can take. Landowners can share details of specific land-use issues that will help us to shape the design of our draft route.

We will continue to work together with local authorities, and a wide range of specialist groups, to draw on their knowledge and expertise in shaping our proposals.

If the project is progressed, in summer 2017, we will carry out formal stakeholder consultation before seeking to secure the necessary planning permissions and consents.

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